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Our Services

We use data-driven engagement processes and cutting edge research to help employers develop policies and practices to retain and grow their talent pools. Our menu of offerings includes the services outlined below and can be customized in many ways to fit the unique needs of your organization.

In-Depth Assessment of Assets and Opportunities

Includes discovery meetings, policy and benefits audit, deep employee engagement, landscape analysis and report with findings and recommendations

Responsive Policy and Benefits Package Development

Aimed to increase employee engagement, retention and competitive edge for hiring

Change Management & Implementation Support

Ensures successful implementation of all new recommendations, policies, benefits, and practices.

Evaluation and Progress Measuring

Evaluates impact of new policies and practices against key employer metrics and identifies areas where adjustments may be needed.

Training and Coaching

Builds internal capacity of HR Leads, Managers, Leadership Teams, and CEOs/Executive Directors to equitably implement policies and practices

Tools, Templates and Research

Provides clients access to sample policies and benefits packages, assessments, and cutting edge research