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Listen To Your Mothers

About Us

The Listen to Your Mothers team brings 20 years of experience in organizational leadership, human resources, operations management, and facilitation. 

We draw from our expertise, diverse backgrounds, and experiences as mothers in the workplace to guide employers towards increased employee satisfaction retention, and competitive results. 


Meet the Team

Katrina Magdol

Katrina Magdol

Co-Founder, People & Business Operations

Expertise in: people & culture strategy, policy design, org learning & development

Favorite thing about being a mom: seeing my daughters' relationship develop.

Mother x2

Renée Omolade

Renée Omolade

Co - Founder, Engagement & Program Design

Expertise in: engagement facilitation, equity and data-driven solutions development

Favorite part of being a mom: being able to play and be a kid again.

Mother x3

Miriam Rubin

Miriam Rubin

Co - Founder, Strategy & Business Development

Expertise in: planning & implementation, budgeting, change management

Favorite part about being a mom: getting to see the world again through their eyes.

Mother x2

Andrea Lebron

Andrea Lebron

Co - Founder, Marketing & Communications

Expertise in: demand generation, marketing,  branding & communications

Favorite thing about being a mom: watching my daughters navigate each stage of life.

Mother x3

Our Values

These values are at the heart of what we do and integral to the approach that we take in every aspect of our work.


Amplifying Stories for Change

Share stories to ensure practices and policies reflect the voices of the many, not the few.


Engagement at All Levels

Seek and amplify input from diverse perspectives and levels within an organization.


Targeted Universalism

Center those who are most marginalized to benefit everyone.


Structural & Systematic Change

Focus on structural and cultural change on rather than putting the onus on individuals.


Pushing the Envelope

Make recommendations implementable while thinking beyond what was historically “possible”.


Design for Liberation

Develop human-centered and equity driven systems that work for everyone.

Our Mission

Drawing on the insights of working mothers, our mission is to collaborate with business leaders to shift culture and implement practices that retain and grow talent. 

Our Vision

We envision a world where all workplaces are designed to support the diverse family structures of their employees. We strive to be the leading agency on developing practices that support working parents in the U.S., and set the standards for what a family-friendly workplace looks like. We believe that engaging and retaining working parents in the U.S. workforce is essential to fostering a thriving economy.